Alcohollica Blend Metallica and Harps (Yes, Harps)

Later this month, Curtain Club will be doing the cover band thing with two Metallica tribute bands: Alcohollica and, more interestingly, Harptallica, the all-harp tribute duo to the metal monsters.

Say whaaat?

Sure, we've known that classical music and rock mix well, but when these two chicks translate classics such as "One" and my personal favorite "Master of Puppets" into lush lullabies, it messes with your head instead of actually banging it. But it's pretty.

According to its blog, the duo kicked off its Spring 2008 tour last week stopping here on May 21. Sandwiched between rockers Lame and Alcohollica, the ladies will most likely bring the show to a screeching halt, but then probably end up as the surprise of the night. Chicks and instruments -- you guys love that stuff, right? Or is just guitars?

After the jump, watch them take on "The Unforgiven." -- Rich Lopez

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