B-Hamp 'B Jiggin'--And B Gettin His Song On America's Best Dance Crew

B-Hamp done been all over the world. And everywhere he goes, he sees people jiggin'. So ... you know him!

The Dallas rapper responsible for making the world "Do The Ricky Bobby" has come up with a brand-new dance and its accompanying single, "I B Jiggin," as you can see above. Study this clip, posted to the Official B-Hamp YouTube Channel last week, to make sure you don't look out of touch when the DJ spins it at the club. Maybe if you practice enough you can even jig while you tie your shoes, just like B-Hamp. The D-Town Boogie trend lives another day, at least.

And a tip o' the hat to Hunter Hauk over at Quick, who took time out from his Labor Day weekend to blog his congratulations to B-Hamp that America's Best Dance Crew team Massive Monkees used his boogie hit "Ricky Bobby." At this rate, maybe they'll "B Jiggin" on ABDC by early 2011. Check it out.


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