Bonus MP3: Power Trip - "Armageddon Blues"

Local punk/metal outfit Power Trip recently released its debut EP, a resounding roar of a record called Armageddon Blues.

The band formed a couple of years ago and recorded a couple of demo sessions before getting serious with the new EP, which finds the youthful quintet channeling cool '80s punk influences (Bad Brains, Suicidal Tendencies) into its edgy brand of metal. Thankfully, frontman Riley Gale plays the vocals straight-up (a la Henry Rollins) and doesn't go for the Beelzebub/Cookie Monster route that brings down so many metal "singers" these days.

Plus, Power Trip just rocks. No frills. No fashion statements. Just loads of anger and riffing. The band's emergence into the Dallas metal scene is definitely a good thing.

Gale was kind enough to offer up the title track for the readers of DC9. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Power Trip - "Armageddon Blues"

Power Trip performed in Houston this past weekend and will venture to Fort Worth on February 24th to play at 1919 Hemphill. Also on that bill will be The Mongoloids, an outfit out of New Jersey that resides in a similar punk/metal territory as Power Trip.

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