Bonus MP3: The Phuss - "Preacher, Preacher"

Joshua Flemming, singer and guitarist for the relatively new local duo known as The Phuss, is hyped about the band's debut effort (which hits the streets this summer), as well as the band's big show this weekend, opening up for the Flametrick Subs and The Von Ehrics at the Longhorn Saloon on Saturday night.

In fact, Flemming is so excited that he sent over the first single from the yet untitled record as a special treat for the readers of DC-9.

Pretty rocking stuff, too. Check out "Preacher, Preacher,"  after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

The Phuss -- "Preacher, Preacher"

The Phuss -- "Preacher, Preacher"

Gotta dig those hysterical vocals.

Flemming and drummer Trey Alfaro are big fans of Queens of the Stone Age and The Toadies, but you could probably tell that by listening to "Preacher, Preacher." Flemming tells me that the debut will be a seven-song concept album and that all the band is currently waiting for is the artwork.

Hopefully, The Phuss will be worth a fuss.

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