Broadcast Sea

Like the subject matter at the heart of its lyrics, Wounded Soldier is almost too much to bear. The ghosts of fallen soldiers and the traumatic memories of warriors still living seem to haunt every song in this brutal tour-de-force from Broadcast Sea.

A press release notes that singer Sterling Cash was "inspired by the experiences of his brother, who is a U.S. soldier serving in the war in Iraq." Inspired, sure, but "enraged" is probably more accurate. Cash screams cathartic lyrics about pointless death and destruction over harsh, jagged, post-punk riffs, feedback and skull-pounding drums that thud like too-close-for-comfort mortar shells.

Consisting of just eight tracks that clock in at 37 minutes, this disc is great from beginning to end. It's hard to single out a standout track, but "One Day We'll Find You" contains what might just be the album's thesis statement. Over a quiet-LOUD-quiet din of twisted guitar melodies reminiscent of Polvo and June of '44, Cash alternately screams and chants the terrifying chorus "We're dead, we're dead, we're dead/One day we will find you."

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