Coffee, T-4-2, Or A Trip Down Amnesia Lane?

Us olds here at the paper version of DC9 remember well the name T-4-2, try as we might to erase Dallas' new-wavers from our musical memory. The band, which underwent several lineup changes over the course of its lifetime, was, for a time, a rather big deal; it was, after all, signed to Columbia Records 'round about the same time Edie and the New Bos, the Buck Pets, Reverend Horton Heat and other Deep Ellum hot-shots and hot-shits were being snapped by labels major to minor. For better or worse, the remnants of T-4-2 have set about to claim its rightful place in the history books, which would be somewhere near the footnotes: Not only is there a MySpace page celebrating its catchy-like-a-cold sound -- kinda 'twixt New Order and Information Society -- but yesterday, its videos began popping up on YouTube, among them this original short for "The Perfect Kiss" dating back some 20 years. Enjoy? I mean, enjoy. --Robert Wilonsky

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