This DJ is probably buying DOMAs tickets during his set.
This DJ is probably buying DOMAs tickets during his set.
Mike Brooks

Here Is a Special Cyber Monday Deal on DOMAs Tickets. Happy Holidays.

Hello. Today is Cyber Monday, which for everyone older than 98, that means the websites on the worldwide web typically offer discounts for online shoppers.

We want to be cool and hip like Amazon and Target.com and other websites, so we are offering a super special deal for DOMAs tickets. If you buy today, you get two DOMAs tickets for the price of one. That's two tickets for $15. That's $7.50 each. That's the cost of a three-finger combo at Cane's. It's a good deal. Trust us.

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The DOMAs showcase is Saturday, Dec. 1 in Deep Ellum, on multiple stages. You need a ticket for that. The DOMAs ceremony is Tuesday, Dec. 4 at Canton Hall. That is free.

Please celebrate Cyber Monday the way God intended and buy some DOMAs tickets.

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