Audrey Scorn collects creepy dolls.
Audrey Scorn collects creepy dolls.
Roderick Pullum

Let's Get High: 4 Performers and 20 Questions

Allow us to tell you something: Weed is popular.

Stacy, from the movie The Wood, said it best:

“Weed is universal. You name me one race that don’t smoke bud."

We decided to reach out to a few Dallas burlesque performers for a friendly inquisition about cannabis. In celebration of the 4/20 holiday, we bring you 4 Performers, 20 questions.

Audrey Scorn
Squad: Burlesque Cats (Dallas School of Burlesque)
What you should know: Ghoulish diva who loves horror movies. Drag queen extraordinaire May May Graves recently claimed Scorn as her child and protégé. She collects creepy dolls now to store souls in them later — you’ve been warned.

How old were you when you first smoked weed and where?
I was 20 years old at a friend's house in Denton. It was so much fun because we went to a hookah lounge that had a lot of black lights. After that, we ate delicious tacos. It was a good night.

If you could only have one for the rest of your life, would you smoke or do edibles?
I'd think I'd smoke. In Colorado, I had half of a gummy, and I was way too high. I had to go back to our Airbnb because I was feeling super anxious. I do like the body-high edibles give me, but I feel a little more in control when I smoke.

What kind of music do you like listening to when you’re high?
Just depends on my mood at the time, but I guess I lean towards psychedelic rock, post punk, stoner metal, goth rock and jazz.

What kind of movies do you like to watch when you’re high?
Anything where I don't have to keep up with the plot. I lean towards movies I already love that are visually striking or hilarious. Movies like Suspiria, Fantastic Planet, Hellraiser and Ace Ventura 2.

What is your favorite nickname for cannabis?
Miss Mary Jane Juana

Honey Hula-La believes weed is a gateway drug.EXPAND
Honey Hula-La believes weed is a gateway drug.
Roderick Pullum

Honey Hula-La
Squad: Lollie Bombs Burlesque, Sirens of The Underground
What you should know: Devout hip-hop-head whose hips have literally won awards. She’s perfected the art of lighting up rooms with her smile to offset the fact that she tortures people with lasers on a daily basis as punishment for bad decisions they’ve made (tattoo removal).

Bongs or pipes?
Joints! I’m old school.

Are you good at rolling?
I’m great at using a roller.

Do you use weed for medicinal purposes?
Definitely, I use it for anxiety, muscle pain, depression and stress.

When is the last time you partook in the consumption of good ol’ Mary Jane? Was she a good date or a lame date?
I am high right at this very moment. She’s always a good date.

Do you think weed is a gateway drug?
Yes, a gateway to UberEats.

Jennica Lynlee gets the munchies.EXPAND
Jennica Lynlee gets the munchies.
Roderick Pullum

Jennica Lynlee
Squad: Sirens of the Underground, Graceland Ninjaz
What you should know: Certified and diversified hustler from Mesquite. She keeps her hands stirring many pots to pay the bills and maintain a groovy lifestyle. She’s a multigenre artist who designs wigs, and her aura changes colors that you can actually see during one-on-one conversations.

What’s your favorite thing to eat when you get the munchies?
Dude, I am such a typical stoner when it comes to the munchies. It's usually like a bag of chips and/or a pint of ice cream (rocky road). Or a brownie. Cookie. Or cake. Or sugar packets.

Have you ever gotten high and synced up Pink Floyd’s “Darkside Of The Moon” with The Wizard of Oz?
How could I not know this was a thing when Pink Floyd is my favorite band? This shall be remedied at once.

Are you able to smoke before performances, or does it mess up your coordination?
I love being able to smoke before performances whenever possible. I have a tendency to get in my head and overthink things while I'm performing, which makes it no fun for me or the audience. Smoking allows me to calm down and stay present and enjoy myself, which always makes for a better performance.

What is your favorite thing about weed?
It just makes everything better. Doesn't everyone remember the first time you got high and realized your life was about to get a whole lot cooler? The first time you felt the music surround you and become a part of you, when you tasted chocolate for the first time or saw a movie in 3-D? It just attacks the senses in the most delectable way.

Do you use a grinder, or do you go DIY style and break it up with your hands?
I use a grinder because I'm impatient and hate getting things under my nails. That and I never get it fine enough, and it always ends up clogging up my pipe.

Kimber Crimsin Fox has taken over Dallas.EXPAND
Kimber Crimsin Fox has taken over Dallas.
Roderick Pullum

Kimber Crimsin Fox
Squad: Her Sins Burlesque, The Erotic Side of Sin
What you should know: She’ll lobotomize you with her brand of primal performance art then reprogram your brain with her vast political knowledge. She amassed a following in Austin so big it prompted her to move to Dallas as part of an elaborate takeover plot devised by her and the owners of Her Sins Burlesque, Sabra Johnsin and Jamesin Lee.

Have you found that sexual experiences are enhanced by weed, or does it make you too incoherent?
Marijuana enhances my sexual experiences, but I do recognize that it doesn’t always do the same for others. It’s important to communicate with your partner to make sure they’re OK when using marijuana in the bedroom. Marijuana can also be great for those that have experienced sexual trauma in their past because it can help calm their mind and body long enough to feel comfortable letting go. I definitely wouldn’t recommend partaking in sexual activities if marijuana makes you incoherent because at that point you can’t truly consent to what’s going on.

Do you think weed will ever be legal in Texas?
Yes, 100 percent. Actually, CBD is legal for medicinal use in Texas for patients with epilepsy. But I definitely see full legalization happening one day. When it becomes legal, I just hope Texas does something similar to what California did by releasing people who are incarcerated for marijuana-related charges.

Are you able to have a busy, productive day while high, or does it melt you into your couch?
I am a highly functional stoner. I do most things stoned. If anything, marijuana helps me focus on what actually needs to be done. It also depends on what type of marijuana you’re smoking.

Do you have specific strains of weed you like, or does it all get the job done regardless?
Being that we are not in a legal state, it is hard to tell what you’re smoking since people make up names or just rename it to sound more commonly known. From my experience in legal states, I have found that I really love Fire Angel, a CBD.

Have you ever been to a dispensary in the states where it’s legal? If so, what did you buy?
Yes, in Nevada. I purchased a tincture and pre-rolled joints filled with Fire Angel, cultivated by Green Life Productions.

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