Concert Reviews

Dispatches from the Perfect Mosh Pit at Last Night's Slayer Concert

A knight wearing a cardigan steps into a mosh pit. Men and women resembling barbarians, vikings and neanderthals - with long hair matted, sweat soaking their black t-shirts with the words "Slayer" written in blood across their chest and shoulders - surge like an angry sea all around him.

Upside down crosses hover above the stage, and a pentagram backdrop with the repeated word "Slayer" hangs somewhere in the darkness. Thrashing thunders all around, and the sky above the metal band turns red, but the knight simply curls the tips of his handlebar mustache and slams into a neanderthal who looks more dwarfish than human, then hits an old barbarian with long gray-streaked hair, before finally surging against a shore that violently returns him to the sea.

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