Distant Gig Alert: Toadies To Headline New Year's Eve at Trees

Surely, a good number of you are already aware of this--after all, it was announced in an ad in this week's dead tree edition of DC9 (page 48 to be specific). But, then again, seeing as how few of our regular DC9 readers seem to realize that we produce some fairly extensive coverage of the local music scene outside of what appears here on the blog, here's another head's up: On New Year's Eve, the Toadies will be headlining a bill at Trees that also includes Dia de Los Toadies vets The Boom Boom Box and Dove Hunter.

Tickets for the event will set you back a cool $40, and are available for purchase right here. Even with the high price of admission, I'd recommend picking one of these suckers up ASAP if it's up your alley, as this is sure to be a quick sell.

Anyway, now that the news is out of the way, feel free to argue and bicker in the comments about whether or not this validates Trees' re-opening in your mind. As if you weren't going to do so without my permission...

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