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Mötley Crüe at American Airlines Center

Mötley Crüe With Alice Cooper and the Cringe American Airlines Center Wednesday, October 7, 2015...

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Top Dallas Music News

Dentonite Goes Viral With T-Swift Cover

As Joel Cross walks into East Side bar in Denton, one bar patron announces, “Joel Cross, ladies...

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Top Dallas Music News

Music Festivals: The Worst, Though

This time of year, pretty much anyone with any taste in music is looking toward Austin. If you...


Top Dallas Music News

Dallas' Will Rap 4 Weed Activist

Yvette Gbalazeh performs street rap on a street corner in Deep Ellum. Two body piercers provide...

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Top Dallas Music News

Alice Cooper's Surprise Good Records Reunion

Good Records has hosted many great in-store signings and shows, but Tuesday night, they made...


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