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The 10 Best Suburban Concert Venues

The suburbs: We hate to talk about them. They're there, yes, and every so often we have to drive...

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Top Dallas Music News

Dallas' Underground Music Crackdown

The location of the party is top secret. There are no fliers, no public advertisements, not even...

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Top Dallas Music News

Johnette Napolitano's Disastrous Fort Worth Show

From the moment Johnette Napolitano walked onstage at The Live Oak in Fort Worth on Friday...

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Top Dallas Music News

The Best Dallas Concerts This Week

As we enter this month of love, it's clear there's no shortage of stuff from the music world at...


Top Dallas Music News

Kanye's Latest Pointless Publicity Stunt

Kanye West is a creative genius. Nobody is doubting that. He is definitely a...


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