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Darryl Williams
Darryl Williams, aka BullyJuice, wants to rob you of your excuses. Don’t hold that against him, though. He does it the nicest, most positive way.

The producer of a popular YouTube fitness channel (youtube.com/@BullyJuice) that he creates with his family at their home in Dallas, Williams has amassed around 5 million followers on YouTube, along with millions more on Instagram, TikTok, Meta and his own blog. His message is ever-positive: You can get fit. You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment — just a little bit of time, a yoga mat and some commitment.

The yoga mat is optional. The commitment isn’t, but he’ll be there to help, feeling the burn with you, minute by minute.

The Florida native’s journey to influencer stardom began when he served in the U.S. Air Force in 2015. The former collegiate sprinter was already fit, so he naturally fell into the role of physical training leader.

“I had to come up with my own workouts to either get people in shape that failed their PT test or to just keep people in shape,” Williams says.

A fan of American bull terriers, he had dabbled in posting content online featuring his dog Blaze, and when he released some of his workout regimens online, the response was positive. His wife, Brittany, who has her own lifestyle-focused influencer brand LavishlyBritt (youtube.com/@LavishlyBritt), told him he was an inspiring teacher and should develop his fitness content. He did, and then came COVID, bad for health generally, but rocket fuel to a social media influencer focused on stay-at-home fitness.

“Naturally, when the pandemic happened, everybody started working out at home,” Williams says. “… I actually had teachers that would email me, and they were giving students my workouts to keep them active while they were at home.”

A large part of Williams’ appeal is his focus on family, faith and positivity. His brother Jordan shoots the videos, and he includes Brittany and their two children — a third is on the way soon — in many of them. (Sadly, Blaze, died of cancer this year.)

They’re all part of a growing business that today includes an athleisure wear brand, Gymoclock (gymoclockfitness.com).

Beyond the appeal of Williams’ personality and his family, B

Tired of yoga classes with pop music blaring and instructors screaming at you like a Jane Fonda workout video? Us too. Which is why we love low-key yoga spots like Bishop Arts' Le Sol House. It's not your typical studio but more like a community center for artists, entrepreneurs and creatives, offering a variety of wellness classes and social events each month. Vintage furniture in the compound's cafe and meeting rooms give it a cool and curated aesthetic, and the garden with chickens makes it feel more like a home than a business. They call it "part spiritual, part social," and we couldn't agree more.

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When you need your daily dose of cuteness, head to the 3-acre dog park at White Rock Lake. It has sections for both large and small pups, so you can mingle with all different sizes of furry friends at this off-leash park. In hotter months, dogs can cool off in the lake, at "dog-wash" stations or in several shaded areas. Other features that make this spot topnotch for canines are the water fountains, dog drinking bowls, pet waste stations and picnic tables. Find this little slice of doggy heaven on the northwest side of White Rock Lake at the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and West Lawther Drive.

The Katy Trail is a green oasis in the heart of Dallas and a perfect spot for runners, cyclists, skaters, fast-walkers and basically anyone up to brace the often packed, often extremely hot path. All Katy Trail devotees know the struggle of embarking on an aerobics journey only to realize they gotta find a bathroom, and quickly. In your darkest moments, the cobwebbed porta potty might look tempting. But push on a little farther and treat yourself to the Starbucks bathroom by the Knox Street entrance. A quick detour off route, clean, and air-conditioned — what more could one need?


With its abundant dogs, the sounds of cars purring along Central Expressway and the sight of the downtown skyline in your peripheral vision, Griggs Park is a great place to enjoy a Dallas weekend. Maybe you're itching to get out your spikeball set, your Frisbee is gathering dust or you want to get out your Rollerblades. (If it is the Rollerblades for you, mind the sharp turns on the downhill of the loop.) There's even a basketball court. It's on the outskirts of Uptown, so visitors can also walk to some food or drinks on McKinney Avenue once their Griggs adventure has concluded.

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When Micah Parsons was drafted out of Penn State in 2021, Cowboys fans were more curious about the defensive stud than excited about him. By the end of his rookie season, that had changed, and after his all-pro 2022 campaign, Parsons established himself as the team's best player, regardless of position. After finishing among the league leaders in sacks with 13.5, Parson's was the runner-up for the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award. The only question NFL observers have about Parsons now is just how dominant can he be?

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The Stars' exciting 2023 playoff run stopped just short of Stanley Cup glory, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a transcendent, signature moment. After missing several games over 15 days because of a gnarly concussion, Joe Pavelski, one of the oldest players in the NHL, heroically returned to score all four of his team's goals in a gut-ripping 5-4 overtime loss to the Seattle Kraken in the playoff's second round. Two of the goals were extra-magical in that they were deflected by Captain America's stick in a precise way few have ever mastered. That he provided the offensive and emotional boost to his team after enjoying one of the best seasons of his Hall of Fame-caliber career is even more impressive.

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Because he plays soccer in Texas, FC Dallas star Jesus Ferreira might be the biggest local sports superstar many in North Texas haven't heard of. But similar to how Luka Doncic, Micah Parsons and Jason Robertson have become A-list names in their sports, the 22-year-old son of former FC Dallas MVP David Ferreira has also risen to the top of his league. After making the U.S. World Cup squad in 2022, Ferreira has continued to score tons of goals for both club and country, and he's making people from around the globe pay attention to Texas soccer in the process.

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Although he's not the biggest star or the richest player on the Rangers roster right now, it's not a stretch to think that outfielder Adolis Garcia might just be both of those things soon enough. In only his third full season in the big leagues, the 30-year-old Cuban defector became an all-star for the second time this season while keeping pace with the league leaders in RBIs and home runs. And opposing baserunners beware: Garcia's arm is nothing short of a cannon. If he keeps this up, he may join the elite group of one-name Rangers stars along with Pudge, Nolan and Elvis.

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If you don't venture north of LBJ Freeway often, Plano and natural beauty might not seem to go together all that well. Judging from the often crowded parking lot at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, however, more people continue to see the correlation. With over 200 acres in West Plano, the preserve offers surprisingly hilly options for hikers and bikers with paved and off-road trails. The preserve's observation tower affords a gorgeously sweeping panoramic view into the suburban distance.

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