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Looking for athleisure for both yoga and a bougie four-mimosa brunch? Headquartered in the Bishop Arts District, De Novo Active carries clothes, activewear and a variety of accessories from multiple designers. Its mission is to offer pieces that elevate high-performance activewear sets from "the barre to the bar." De Novo distinguishes itself from the big stores with unique patterns, colors and styles. Along with leggings, look for sweatshirts, outerwear, shoes, tanks and more. There's also a pet section that is adorable.

Patrick Williams

How many Facebook happy birthday greetings does it take to equal the emotional effect of one pretty card with a handwritten note, sealed in an envelope, stamped and delivered to your real, physical mailbox? For those who prefer the personal touch, there's Paper Source, with its colorful collection of cards, stationery, gift wrap, pens and assorted paper-adjacent products. Spending a few minutes wandering around Paper source is enough to make us want to write someone a letter, once we relearn cursive.

Al Manning-Johnson

Marcel Market is a unique store that's part boutique, grocery, apothecary and more. Located in the Bishop Arts District, it brings exclusive French brands to the U.S., including multiple beauty and skin products. Food stuff ranges from savory to sweet, spreadable to drinkable, with a variety of French candies, pastries, sardines and other goods. There is some fun and bright Parisian apparel that would make for a mild day for Emily in Paris. Candles, perfumes, jewelry — basically a little something for everyone. Marcel even sells small surprise bags through their website ranging from $25 to $100.

Patrick Williams

Let's start with the good news for the addicts out there: Buff City Soap's fall line of scents for its hand-made, plant-based soaps, bath and shower bombs includes pumpkin spice. That's right, you can now sip your pumpkin-spice latte while pretending you're soaking in a vat of your favorite drink. Pumpkin spice not your bag? Sandalwood, coconut, eucalyptus and lemongrass are also among the variety of scents relaxing extracts to flavor its bars and gels, all made in-house. Classes and parties can book time with Buff City's stand-mixers to whip up their own concoctions.

With our long, hot, dry summers and clay soil, chances are someday you're going to walk into your home and find you're living in a lagoon, thanks to busted pipes under your shifted foundation. Based in Royse City, Zeus Restoration has techs ready 24/7 to help when disaster strikes, whether it's a water leak, mold, fire, hazardous materials, air-duct cleaning or storm damage repair. Zeus and its professionally certified team have worked in restoration and construction for more than 20 years, so they know their business. When the god of thunder strikes, it's only fair that you call on Zeus Restoration to repair the damage.

Courtesy Earth to Madison Photography

Madison Raney of Earth to Madison describes her work as "vibrant and edgy," which makes sense for a photographer who came up in concert photography. Though based in Dallas, she attracts clients from around the world and makes them feel like rock stars in front of her camera. Her concert experience gives her a special leg up in capturing candid moments, particularly the party shots at receptions. She generally attracts unconventional couples and has a portfolio full of themed weddings, ranging from a Halloween-themed Las Vegas blowout to a lush and moody ceremony inspired by Pride and Prejudice. Her website makes it clear, however, that there's no such thing as a boring shoot. With Raney behind the camera, that will always be true.

Kathy Tran
Furniture is the kind of clothes your house wears. It’s personal, it’s unique, and most important, it’s an outward reflection of the people who inhabit its space. Taking care into making sure you find pieces that allow form and function to exist in harmony is a true challenge, and there is no place like 7 Space 8 to bring the unique and stylish back into frame, with their motto being “Furniture from the Past for the Future”. Sporting a retro vibe, 7 Space 8 (written 7____8) involves so much more than just couches and chairs and acts as its own gallery of sorts – paying homage to the artistic style and creativeness of years long gone that still stand tall in our modern world. Owners Jackson and Lexee view their shop as a curated collection of items they both personally love, but don’t mind parting with. “It takes you to another dimension, another feeling when you put it in your home.” Jackson says. While curation is no easy task, the facet of the two that separates their business from the rest is their philosophy of being a hub for the people in their neighborhood. “We wanted to open a store up to build a community, and like the community will bring everything you need to bring to your store.” Between hosting events, and their search for the next unique and stylish piece, 7 Space 8 blurs the line about what buying furniture should be like, in the best way.

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