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Dave Thompson

Best Of Dallas® 2018

Good day, ladies and gentlemen and others. We have arrived at our Best of Dallas® 2018 destination. Please return your seats and tray tables to their upright and locked positions and continue reading until the words come to a complete stop. We hope ... HEY! You in the Eagles jersey! What part of “complete stop” don’t you understand, pal? Geez, there’s always that guy. ... Anyway, we hope you enjoy our annual edition listing many of the fine people and places that make Dallas a desirable and enjoyable place to be. We realize you have options in choosing guides to Dallas’ shopping, recreation, dining and nightlife. Unlike other so-called review sites like Yelp, the Spirit Airlines of guides, our dedicated contributors put their credit lines, waistlines and livers on the line to scour the city to find all the things that make Dallas great. Reading Best of Dallas — we’re watching you, Philly Boy — will make clear why Big D is such a magnet for visitors and newcomers and a pleasant home for natives who welcome them. Even Yankees. Mostly.

Best Of Dallas®

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