Kathy Tran
Hon Sushi
This Carrollton sushi spot feels like one of DFW’s best-kept secrets. For your money, you won’t find a better piece of refreshingly affordable sushi in North Texas. The extravagant presentations make it feel like you’re in a frou-frou Dallas sushi joint, but you’ll walk out of here having spent far less than you would in Dallas proper. We love letting the sushi chefs go nuts with a $40 sashimi platter, a beautiful landscape of fresh raw fish artfully presented and, on every visit, featuring a few surprise cuts like salmon belly or monkfish liver.
Kathy Tran
Lounge Here
After a dinner out, a concert or a play, even those with the most well-stocked home bar like to stop off on the way home for a nightcap. Well, at Here there’s ample parking and comfy, cozy seating and delicious mixes on the menu, should folks want to veer from the standard twist of lime. Everybody’s Girl offers a light, tart refresher with vodka lifted by elderflower and grapefruit, tempered with the salinity of Fino sherry and bubbled up with prosecco. The Goldrush puts bonded bourbon on the back of a mule, with lemon, honey, ginger beer and angostura bitters. Late night bites are also perfect for that last craving and indulgence of the evening; mac-and-cheese crusted with potato chips delivers on comfort, while the charcuterie and cheese board present the expected meats and cheese with a delightful house-made bourbon, tomato and bacon jam that is delicious enough to eat with a spoon when the baguette runs out. Here neighbors Humble Pie provide two pies (the Mississippi mud-like Bayou Goo and a frozen strawberry chiffon) exclusive to the Lounge, and they contribute to sweet dreams, but chef Megan Foley offers a rotating selection of sweet treats to share…or not. Whether the last stop is one drink or four hours and a full meal, Here is best before home.
Kathy Tran
Unlike most of the best restaurants in Dallas, Bullion is open on Mondays, and unlike some restaurants that show less attention to detail, its quality doesn’t waver outside of peak dining hours. The Monday night special is a seafood lover’s dream: quenelle Lyonnaise, stewed dumplings made from whitefish and showered with a heaping helping of lobster. Need a pairing? On Monday nights, Bullion opens a magnum of pedigreed wine from deep in the cellar — past weeks have featured Bordeaux, grower Champagnes and Châteauneuf-de-Pape — and offers it by the glass until the bottle is gone.

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