Best Of Dallas® 2007

We're not kidding: Dallas is a wonderland. Oh, we know what you're thinking. The paper that revels in pointing out the city's flaws every week is now telling us what a delight the joint is, and you're right. But to steal a phrase from Lewis Carroll: We speak roughly about our town, and beat the mayor everytime he sneezes, but we only do it because we're easily annoyed, and because we're a bunch of teases. But that doesn't mean we don't love Big D or that we're not constantly surprised by the huge number of talented artists, actors, musicians, business people and chefs this city offers. Consider this a road guide to the Dallas on the other side of the looking glass, a wondrous place filled with unique shops, cool bars and the odd genius.

Speaking of geniuses, we'd like to start off by thanking three very helpful, talented folk. Photographer Morrey Taylor shot the images of our lovely Wonderland characters. Thank you, Morrey, for lending us your keen eye and infinite patience. You can find his studio in the Design District. Fashion designer and stylist Lindsay Weatherread custom-designed the wardrobe for Alice and friends, and you can check out her non-Wonderland line of clothing in LFT, the premium section of the Lifestyle Fashion Terminal in Victory Park, 2350 Victory Park Lane. You can also see herwork, or through her representative, Link Artist Resources. Hair and make-up stylist Jennifer Grayson did the makeup, hair and headpieces for our models, and she can do wonders for you too. You can reach her at 469-939-0610.

Best Of Dallas®

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