Fat Pimp Gets Signed To Warner Bros.

More proof that the Dallas hip-hop scene could be on the verge of a blow-up: Fat Pimp just got a record deal with Warner Bros.

The 24-year-old Fat Pimp, born Christopher Murdaugh, who made news a few months ago when his song "I'm Gettin' Money" made the Billboard charts, is currently blowing up the charts again. This week, his song "Rack Daddy," which again features his brother Jodean, but also includes another performer, Big Roddy, is sitting at No. 79 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

And just try listening to K104 without hearing the song.

You can't. I've tried.

Still, it's a catchy little number, and Murdaugh says he wrote it while hanging out in the parking lot of a Rack Daddy's billiard hall after hitting up the clubs one night.

"It started out as a joke," Murdaugh says over his cellphone from Houston, where he's a student at Texas Southern University. "I saw all these people dancing, and I just figured I'd write a song about it. In Dallas, we don't really name our dances."

When I point out that, thanks to him and fellow rising local stars Lil Wil and Lil Shine, this just isn't the case any more, Murdaugh laughs. "Right," he says. "'cause that's where the money is."

Murdaugh says his debut full-length on Warner Bros. should be released sometime around the beginning of July. But, before then, he's "got a lot of stuff to re-do because Warners wants to make me to be the first star to break out of Dallas."

When I again point to Lil Wil, this time to say that he might disagree, Murdaugh laughs again.

"Yeah," he says. "But that's my boy. It's competition, but it's good for the city." --Pete Freedman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.