(Free) Gig Alert: Mount Righteous At ZuRoma Tonight

Looks like Aboca's isn't the only suburban pizza and pasta joint to host all-ages rock shows. At 8 p.m. tonight, everyone's favorite punk-rock acoustic marching band will play a free set at ZuRoma Sicilian Kitchen, located at 2140 Hall-Johnson Road in Grapevine.

That band, Mount Righteous, has shared good news and bad news with its fans recently.

On the plus side, they'll be releasing a CD in late September.

The bad news, though, is that tonight's show will be the collective's last until winter, according to a recent blog update.

Seems tuba player Mason Ponder is heading to Pennsylvania to work on--seriously?--a documentary about sexual behavior in Amish communities. I'm sure our DC9 readers are far too mature to leave comments suggesting what that documentary may unveil...

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