Fun Fun Fun: Monotonix, Wavves, Devin The Dude And More Make For A Smokin' Saturday Afternoon

How about a couple sentences each on some of the more noteworthy acts I've seen so far? No? Well, it'll have to suffice for now...

Antlers: Sweet Moog and Korg keyboards and swooshing guitars. Great atmospheric slacker-psych rock.

Devin The Dude: The sly, ever-charming MC held it down on the Blue Stage over some stone-cold drawling funk beats. Why he needs a 16-dude entourage on stage with him is a mystery--Dude's hilarious story raps are greatness as they are, without a bunch of homies dancing behind him.

Wavves: Crappy sound, with the guitar cutting out and dropping to barely audible levels, somehow seemed fitting for lo-fi slacker anthems like "Lame" and "So Bored." Perfect for a sun-baked, pot-reeking, beer-stinking sun-baked crowd.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Weirdo improvised pop. Ariel Pink, in a crazed black sundress, shared his mic with Dallas trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez, of Yells At Eels and Pink's Added Pizazz, who provided echoing, reverberating dissonant trumpet wails.

Monotonix: The small Yellow Stage, normally reserved for comedy, was perfectly fitting for the daredevil crowd-surfing Monotonix's fearless display of rock. Gray-bearded or not, the Israeli rockers played most of the set oozing funky, sexy hard-rock riffs surfing on the shoulders and hands of the crowd, bouncing on a bungee-jump trampoline and diving from stage props in an awesome display of balls, body odor and public nudity.

Os Mutantes: The most colorful, diverse audience of the day so far came out for Os Mutantes. Seemed everyone could agree on the Brazilian tropicalia legends, who left the crowd happy with their rhythmic Latin-spiced psychedelia.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.