Gig Alert: Band Night Saturday At Alliance Skate Park, Grand Prairie

Hey, skater dude--pissed off about having to go back to school next week? Work out that anger in the mosh pit Saturday at Alliance Skate Park (1002 Lonestar Pkwy. in Grand Prairie).

Left Hand Salute, Television City, The Hollow Empire and Silver Fox will rock the suburbs starting at 8 p.m. Cover is $5.

The bands could all fit in the broad category of pop-punk, with varying degrees of legitimacy. The Hollow Empire definitely skews closer to the mall-punk end of the spectrum, judging by the merch-hawking and songs on the band's MySpace page. All I could find about Silver Fox is a couple of rough videos posted to this YouTube user page. The two guys look like they're not even out of high school, so I'll just let their music speak for itself.

But check out Television City's site, where you can download the band's just-released track, "Mistaken Identity," as well as EPs kid gloves and Slightly Used Rubber Fist. The name of the latter release, as well as the song title "I Hate Your Goddamn Boyfriend," probably give you a pretty good idea of what the band sounds like: pissed-off, melodic punk that doesn't take itself too seriously. "Mistaken Identity" is a great example of the meaty guitars, bouncy picked bass and shouted choruses the band does so well.

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