Gig Alert, Bonus MP3 and a Giveaway: What Laura Says Hits The Prophet Bar Tonight.

There's just something about Arizona that brings out the weirdness. Whether it's John McCain's bizarre choice for a VP candidate or legendary sun-drenched oddballs like the Meat Puppets, the desert air just seems to produce some strange results.

Add What Laura Says to the long list of loveable weirdoes that call Arizona home.

Originally, Danny Godbold and James Mulhern formed an acoustic duo called What Laura Says Thinks and Feels. They later shortened the group's name to What Laura Says, and, in 2006, they expanded the band with the addition of Greg Muller, Mitch Freedom, and Jacob Woolsey. They self-released their debut album, Thinks and Feels, in 2007 but it's with What Laura Says' most recent effort, Bloom Cheek, that the band has really hit its eccentric stride.

Check out the cut "I Suppose" from the new record and revel in the song's hypnotic mix of psychedelia, pop, blues, Americana, and indie rock. (Right-click and "Save As..." to download it, too.)

Me? I seriously dig the sound of What Laura Says--so much so that I'm hoping tonight's Psychedelic Furs show ends early enough this evening so that I can run on over to the Prophet Bar and catch a bit of What Laura Says' set. Anybody with me?

If you are, well, you're in luck. The band's passed along a pair of tickets for us to give away to tonight's show. Want 'em? Be the first person to email Pete with the words "Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia" in the subject line, and they're yours. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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