Good Friday: The Feds, Astronautalis, King Khan & BBQ Show, The Eagles, Jack Ingram, Dale Watson, Do For It Records' Launch Party, I Love Math, Nouns Group

Kinda an interesting weekend upon us, now that it's the end of the day on Friday and all. While there's a lot happening early next week, the weekend's kinda dry as big, big shows go.

Anyway, onto the show's we already told you about...

Tonight, there's a big one (Of Montreal and Icy Demons at House of Blues) and two interesting smaller ones (Stumptone, Nervous Curtains and Jack With One Eye at Lola's; THe BAcksliders, Forgotten Space and the Olospo reunion at Club Dada). On Saturday night, there's a fine, fine all-local bill at the Double Wide (The Boom Boom Box, Bridges & Blinking Lights and Cocky Americans) and on Sunday, Method Man and Redman stop through the House of Blues as Young Jeezy stops in for an appearance at Cirque.

A now a couple more shows worth noting that we haven't yet mentioned...

The Feds Friday, November 14, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton We mentioned the Feds' break-up about a month ago now and this is, indeed, the long-running band's final show in Texas. They've got one more scheduled--to take place on January 10 in Tulsa. So, for most area Feds fans, this is the last chance you've got to send the band off in style.

Astronautalis, The Bright, Pikahsso Friday, November 14, at the Granada This is a model search party for Envy, whatever that means. Maybe attractive people? Dunno. We've talked plenty about Astronautalis before, so no need there--except to note that Picnic will be performing with him. Same deal with Pikahsso--except that, unlike during the PPT days, Picnic won't be performing with him. And The Bright? Um, well. They cover "Kashmir" on their Myspace page. So there's that.

King Khan & BBQ Show Friday, November 14, at the Palladium Not a bad looking show from the always entertaining King Kahn. Although office consensus here is that we much prefer King Khan & The Shrines, which is a little bit more psyched out. Still retro, though. Either way, we're nitpicking. Unfortunately, you gotta figure most people into this band will already be at the Of Montreal show, right?

The Eagles Saturday, November 15, at American Airlines Center So, yeah, this is happening.

Jack Ingram Saturday, November 15, at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth Like Astronautalis, Jack Ingram's a product of SMU. Doesn't live here any more, although--again, like Astronautalis--you'd never guess it given the area's reverence for his work. Anyway, as country with a mainstream bent goes, Ingram's pretty OK in our books.

Dale Watson Saturday, November 15, at Love and War in Texas in Plano I figure there's two ways to look at Austin's old school country crooner, Dale Watson: You can pass him off as a crappy Johnny Cash/Tony Joe White knockoff or you can just sit back and enjoy his pretty amazing voice. Your call.

Do For It Records' Compilation Disc Release/Label Launch Party Saturday, November 15, at Rubber Gloves in Denton This show starts pretty early--6 p.m.--but there'll be BBQ and you'll get plenty of heavy and loud music over the course of the night: Shaolin Death Squad, The Spectacle, Zeuss, The Timeline Post, Bat Castle, The Lights of Dragna and Opaque. Each is featured, I believe on Do For It Records' debut sampler disc. It's a straight up rock label, so be prepared to be rocked. Hard, I'd guss.

Salim Nourallah & The Noise, The Slack, I Love Math, Tonight Tonight, The Cut*off, Sparklepussy Barbie Saturday, November 15, at Club Dada So remember those lawsuits between Salim Nourallah and Ally David? Well, this show is aimed to benefit the Anju Gill Foundation, the local music fund that is basically at the center of the court battle... so, yeah, how 'bout that? Anyway, it's actually a fairly diverse bill of indie pop and alternative rock and for a good cause. noted regional comedian Dave Little hosts will not be hosting. He will be performing. So, laugh at your own risk...

Nouns Group, Shiny Around The Edges, Darktown Strutters, The Make Believers Saturday, November 15, at Hailey's in Denton Of all the local shows going on this weekend, I guess you could called this the indie indie local show of the week. Pretty good lineup, to boot.

And that's your weekend. Have fun out there. --Pete Freedman

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