Good Friday: The Hood Internet, The Gourds, Air Review, Dead Meadow, The Eagles, Chicago, Femme Fest, The Orbans, Sir Silky, Early Republic, and others...

The Hood Internet is playing The Loft tonight, and as Pete explained earlier in the week, "White people really like hearing their favorite rap lines placed over their favorite indie rock anthems," which is what The Hood Internet does really well.

And since the theme of this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards is, well, mash-ups, we think that this is the perfect show to get you into the DOMA spirit.

But if standing in a room with a bunch of dancing American Apparel employees isn't your cup of tea, here are a few other worthwhile shows we've already mentioned this past week.

On Friday, see if The Gourds have any more gangsta-rap-gone-country covers up their sleeves at Granada Theater. Meanwhile, Air Review and Stars Go Dim will join Sleeperstar on their album release show at Trees.

On Saturday, Dead Meadow and San Soleil will be joined by former Dallasites, The Cush, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, and Salim Nourallah will be at the Kessler Theater along with Dan Dyer and Nicholas Altobelli. Paul Slavens will be all up in Dan's Silverleaf. At The Hydrant in Denton, Athens' Bill Mallonee will show you that, sometimes, "Dylan-esque" actually is an appropriate descriptor for a musician. Hell will freeze over yet again as the Eagles perform at the American Airlines Center, and Femme Fest is sure to be a feminist explosion at Phoenix Project Collective with Orange Coax, Chasing the Muse, Charlie Mancini, and Dude Nukem on both Saturday and Sunday.

Also on Sunday night, as always, Ricki Derek will be holding down the fort at the Cavern.

More weekend concerts after the jump...

Chicago, The Doobie Brothers
Friday, June 25, at Superpages.com Center

People my parent's age keep convincing themselves that they'll re-live their teens by seeing Chicago in concert, and it never works. But it might work this time.

The Orbans, Telegraph Canyon, Jacob Metcalf
Friday, June 25, at Sons Of Hermann Hall

Should there be a limit on how many album release shows a band can have? Fortunately for The Orbans, their new record, When We Were Wild, is so good that it deserves an exception. Check them out as they hold their second album release show.

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Petty Theft
Friday, June 25, at The Moon

Now that Petty Theft's Mike Rhyner is pimping SoCo Lime at every commercial break on The Ticket, there might actually be some "Free Falling" at The Moon.

Rin Tin Tin, Winter In Mars, Mama Wolf
Friday, June 25, at Mokah

Some high school kids do something that no high school band has ever done before--sound like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Sir Silky, Cocky Americans
Friday, June 25, at Double Wide

Shock rock straight out of Mesquite--and it's actually not as bad as it sounds. Sir Silky knows how to put on a fun show.

Sundress, The Clouds Are Ghosts, Fulton Read, Land Mammals
Friday, June 25, at Hailey's Club

Shoegazy slow jams from Denton's Sundress is the big draw here. The reverbed-out guitars and down-tempo drums will make for an ethereal performance at Hailey's tonight.

The Early Republic, They Were Stars, The Boat Lights
Saturday, June 26, at Trees

This was originally billed as Hendrick's last show, but apparently they called it quits before the last hurrah. The Early Republic was gracious enough to step in, and I'll be darned if there aren't a ton of folks there tomorrow night.

Whiskey Folk Ramblers
Saturday, June 26, at Lee Harvey's.

Whiskey Folk Ramblers shows always turn into dance parties. This one should be no exception, especially considering how hammered people get at Lee Harvey's.

That's it for us, ya'll. Add some others in the comments if you've got them. Otherwise, have a good weekend.

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