Good Friday: The Power Went Out And I Have Allergies And I Really Don't Wanna Write This A Third Time

This is the third time I've tried to write Good Friday today.

First time, the power went out and took all my hard work with it.

Second time, my Firefox window crashed and took all my hard work with it.

No joke, Good Friday is a total bitch to write and I hate doing it, but I do it because I know that at least a few people read it regularly to see if there are any other good shows to check out this weekend. But between double-checking every venue's listings and setting up links and writing explanations of why each show is good or not and uploading photos and HTML formatting, it takes like an hour and a half to do, MINIMUM.

So now, two-and-a-half hours after starting it the first time around, I'm really not in the mood to start the whole process again. Plus, I have allergies like a mofo and I'm feeling like total crap.

Also, all the good shows going on this weekend? We pretty much wrote about them all already. You wanna know what they are? Go back and read the blog or click over here and look at our print music section's suggestions.

Aside from that, here are a couple of suggestions.

- Check out the No Thanks Fest of punk and hardcore bands in Emory, Texas. The SMU Daily Campus is, like, totally stoked for it. Go here for info. - Wanna go to a hipster dance show where I doubt very many people will actually be dancing? Go to this show at The Lounge tonight. - Wanna go see some dark, heavy bands with some local connections? This is the show for you. And here's a free download to go along with it. - Need your indie rock Spin-approved? OK, go to the Prophet Bar tonight for Jaguar Love and some Japanese band Myspace is promoting. - Like Meg White? Ray LaMontagne feels your pain. He wrote a song about her. And he's playing the Majestic tonight. - Lastly, if you're still listening to the Garden State soundtrack, you probably already knew about this show already.

Sorry this is so late and uninformative. Next week may or may not be an improvement. --Pete Freedman

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