Good Friday: VEGA, Til We're Blue Or Destroy, Pinebox Serenade, Record Hop, Ella Minnow, Matthew Gray Delves..., ST 37

This is one of the biggest music weekends in recent memory, and it seems like there's something for everyone regardless of budget or musical taste.

First up is the Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson/Johnny Cougar show at Quiktrip Park in Grand Prairie. There are still tickets available, according to the Airhogs Web site. Doors open, like, now. Brooklyn's The Wiyos open at 5:30 p.m., followed by Willie at 6:10, that "Jack and Diane" asshole at 7:35 and The Bob Dylan Band headlining at 9:10. Also tonight, Art Conspiracy will have its SEED benefit at Sons of Hermann Hall at 7 p.m. with True Widow, Glen Farris and Airline performing. And Broken Social Scene gets a do-over tonight at the Palladium Ballroom.

Saturday, Method and Red are gonna put on a smokin' set at House of Blues, with Ghostface Killah opening. If Ghost's last album had even sniffed (so to speak) the greatness of Fishscale or even More Fish, that order would be reversed. Just don't ask Meth for an autograph. Burntsienna Trio, Joe Fletcher, Samuel James and Spooky Folk will be at Hailey's in Denton. Also, The Shapes, A. Square and DJ Mark Ridlen perform at The Cavern. For the wee ones in your life, The Wiggles go bananas at Nokia.

And on Sunday, Chris Isaak brings his wicked game to House of Blues.

Now, for the best of the rest...

VEGA, Til We're Blue Or Destroy, Blixaboy
Friday, June 7, at The Lounge On Elm Street

If you follow Dallas dance music at all or even just read this blog fairly regularly, you're probably quite familiar with VEGA's glossy GVB-core and Blixaboy's darker atmospheric dubs by now. Wonder if Alan Palomo is ready to finally make that label announcement yet... The middle band is an Austin group that's been around for years, meandering from fairly straightforward indie-pop to electro dance jams. They'd be a great consolation prize if you can't make it to Broken Social Scene.

VEGA Afterparty
Friday, June 7, at Suite Basement 

This will be a VEGA DJ set.

Pinebox Serenade, Delmore Pilcrow, Will Kapinos
Friday, June 7, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton

I still need to pick up Pinebox Serenade's newish album Let The River Take Them Home. Chris Welch's ominous bluegrass/folk collective is a solid example of the twangy, rock-influenced, literate folk that just oozes out of Denton.

Burning Hotels, Record Hop, PVC Street Gang
Friday, June 7, at City Tavern

The heirs to Black Tie Dynasty's retro alt-synth throne headline an otherwise solid lineup.

Ella Minnow, Astronomers, Giggle Party, Mino Jeta
Saturday, June 8, at Andy's in Denton

Ella Minnow prove that adding the intricacies of jazz to rock doesn't always result in the kind of awful fusion/jam bands that so plague Denton. "Jason Bought A Hatchet" was definitely the highlight of Giggle Party's uneven set at the DOMA showcase last month, but the band is so endearingly fun that it's worth sitting through the weaker songs.

Matthew Gray Delves Delves Into The Humanity Pools..., Darktown Strutters, Binary Sunrise
Saturday, June 8, at City Tavern

The name is ridiculous, but Matthew Gray Delves... may be even more interesting than the psychedelic folk-rock of his primary band, Matthew And The Arrogant Sea, and from what I can tell, at least, are less prone to self-indulgent jamming. Check this episode of DC9 In Space if you need proof.

ST 37, Book of Shadows, Echo-Toll, Ill Eat
Saturday, June 8, at RGRS

ST 37 has been an Austin space-rock/experimental institution since 1987, with compositions that range from heavy gutteral riffs to maddening loops and droning and back. Zanzibar Snails' Michael Chamy, who played with ST 37 at Hailey's in 2007, wrote an excellent description of the band's live show here. The rest of the bill is just as out-there, and the show will feature visuals by The Whaler.

Nick Hennies, James Talambas
Sunday, June 9, at Firehouse Gallery in Fort Worth

This is part of an artist's reception for Mark Penland's Ooga Booga: Photo Collage. According to the Metrognome Web site, Nick Hennies (Weird Weeds, Waco Girls) will perform electro-acoustic improv and The Theater Fire's James Talambas will "play a no-input mixing board." Yeah, I have no idea either, but I am certainly curious. I can say with near-certainty that it won't sound anything like The Theater Fire.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.