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History At Our Disposal Is Really Starting To Phone In Its Live Shows

It's a camera! And a phone!

On Friday night, experimental electro-acoustic ambient music project History At Our Disposal will perform its very first “Cell Phone Show” at Hailey’s in Denton, where the band will open for Singer. The idea is that collaborators (in the audience or not) will snap cell-phone pics and send them to the band, which will, in real-time, project the photos onto a screen during its live performance.

But History mastermind Jason Reimer says the band still has to work out a few technical kinks. So, at 8 p.m. tonight and at a TBA time on Thursday night, he and collaborator Martin Iles will conduct rehearsals to make sure Friday's show runs smoothly.

This isn't the band's first crack at this concept; during past test runs, the band received hundreds of photos, with participants each sending in five to 10 pictures each.

For the next two practices and for Friday's performance, Reimer welcomes more participants: Anyone who wants to be a part of the interactive audio installation can email the band and be added to their list of participants. Reimer will respond to participants with exactly what time they should send in their cell phone photos.

That way, interested parties can be part of the show even if they aren’t physically present. --Jesse Hughey

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