How to Properly Celebrate America: Lessons From Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic

In honor of the Texas hero's 80th Birthday celebration and legendary 4th of July Picnic, we're celebrating Willie Nelson Week here on DC9 at Night. Check back for interviews, retrospectives and more.

Willie Nelson embodies a lot of things that represent the best of our country's ideals. He's a rebellious spirit and a friend to all manner of human beings. He works hard and humbly. He's a black belt and a cowboy. In short, we can think of no better place to celebrate Independence Day than in his company. Here are some patriotism tips we learned yesterday from Willie and his fans.

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Wave flags. Duh.

Wear flag-inspired clothing... Seriously, every single possible article of clothing is available in Flag. If it's not directly stars and stripes, at least get the color scheme right. Observe:

..even if you're from another country. Most of the people pictured in the photo immediately above are from Australia. They're travelling around the country for a while. They arrived at Willie Nelson's Picnic by Googling "Best things to do on the 4th of July in Texas," and Google did not lead them astray.

Drink beer. Also, give discreet middle fingers whenever possible.

Grow a beard. Yours won't be as awesome as Jamey Johnson's, but that's alright. If you're a lady or a dude going through puberty, just let that one freak chin hair fly. America is for everybody.

Set up a lawn chair. Because America is about comfort. Get the big one with extra cup holders. Place it wherever you damn well please, including immediately in front of a stage where people might otherwise choose to stand.

Dance. Maybe you have no moves. I certainly have no moves. Just wiggle around a little anyway. Of course, you could always do better. These guys were incredible. There was a flip involved.

Sing with your friends. Happy 4th of July, from Willie Nelson's Picnic.

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