In Case You Missed It: Two Killed At Garland's Zion Gate Recording Studio

The Morning News and this Shreveport TV station seem to have things fairly well covered on this front, so we're not gonna add any more to the story, really, other than to point it out, in case you missed it.

Here's the bare-bones basics behind the Garland's Zion Gate recording studio murders, via this afternoon's Morning News piece:

Matthew Butler, 28, owner of Zion Gate Records, and Stephen Swan, 26, the studio sound engineer, were killed as they were leaving the Christian music recording studio in the 800 block of State Street, police said. Their bodies were found early Thursday morning by a bicyclist. The Dallas County medical examiner's office said both men died from multiple gunshot wounds.

It happened apparently, during a robbery attempt of the studio.

The only thing that's really unclear at this point, is if the suspects arrested in the case are from Dallas or Texarkana; the Morning News and the Shreveport TV station reports differ there. --Pete Freedman


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