Kidd Kraddick Tribute, Featuring Ben Folds and Others, Scheduled for August 15

Kidd Kraddick, the Dallas radio host who became a national morning fixture, will have a public tribute next Thursday outside the American Airlines Center. Kraddick died suddenly of cardiac disease in late July while attending a fundraising golf tournament for his Kidd's Kids charity.

The "Tribute to Kidd," at AT&T Plaza, starts at 5:30 and will feature speeches from "local dignitaries" as well as music performances from Ben Folds and others (the rest have yet to be announced). After the tribute, a concert for Kidd's Kids will be held at House of Blues and feature The Jonas Brothers, Jason Derulo, Andy Grammer, Cimorelli and Tim Halperin.

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You probably can't get into the concert, but if you're so inclined, you can stick around in AT&T Plaza, where they'll have a live feed.

In a press release sent out this morning, Kraddick's daugther Caroline Cradick talked about the event:

Thursday is going to be a beautiful day of remembrance doing two things my dad loved: listening to great music and supporting Kidd's Kids. This charity meant so much to him and it is such an honor to carry on his legacy. Thank you to all of the fans for your kind words. I feel the love every day and am lucky to have a father that left such an impact.

I'm also really excited to see Ben Folds, dad's and my favorite artist, who we share a lot of fond memories with.

A private funeral service for Kraddick was held late last week in Arlington. The show he hosted, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, returned to the air on Monday with its remaining cast.

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