Ladies and Gentleman, Another Candidate For Your Local Summer Hip-Hop Jam

Heard this above song, called "
I Got It," on K104 over the weekend. It's the new single from Dallas' own Big Hoodboss and it comes with some major help courtesy of verses from D-Town Boogie superstars Lil Wil and Tum Tum. Apparently, it's just the latest single off Big Hoodboss' new disc, B.I.G. V.I.P, which also features the Tum Tum-assisted and season-appropriate "NBA Ballin'" track.

So why post it? Well, for one, because I just found the video. And, secondly, because I'm putting my money on it being the big local hip-hop jam of the summer, competing right alongside Dorrough Music's "Ice Cream Paint Job" for the title.

Just a warning, folks: This song's gonna be everywhere. Be prepared.


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