Marky Ramone.
Marky Ramone.

Last Living Ramone To Appear On Richard Hunter's Radio Show This Afternoon

Marky Ramone, the only living member of the longest-running Ramones line-up (which lasted for 15 years) is going to be chatting about all things punk rock this afternoon with Richard (Big Dick) Hunter on 1360 AM.

Besides touring with his new band, Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg, he's currently hosting Marky Ramone's Punk Rock Blitzkrieg on Sirius 28 Faction Rock Radio, on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

Some folks may not know that Marky (aka Marc Steven Bell) was also the drummer for Richard Hell and the Voidoids and played on that band's seminal effort Blank Generation album. According to the press release from Hunter, Marky will discuss the long feud between Joey and Johnny Ramone, as well as Dee Dee Ramone's troubled life and what it was like to work with producer/convict Phil Spector. 

Should make for some interesting radio--which is something that doesn't happen enough on our area's airwaves.


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