Last Minute Shopping?

Still need a present for that one cousin or brother? Think you're screwed? Not quite. We've been sharing shopping ideas throughout the month. Here are all of our ideas in one place. Go to town.

25 Toys for Those 25 and Older Yodeling pickles, boxing nuns, flying ninjas and four-legged women -- it doesn't get more fun or more quirky than these 25 toys. All of them are great for the childlike grown-up in your life.

Music-related stocking stuffers Last week we did a five part series on box sets, books and discs that will elate your audiophile friend.

Part 1: Badfinger's Back Part 2: Worthwhile Beatles Bio Part 3: Bob Dylan Box Part 4: Van Morrison Singles Part 5: Reliving Husker Du

Actually Good Christmas Music

If your buddies need to get in touch with some holiday cheer, try picking up one of these discs. The list is varied from Hawaiian rockers Go Jimmy Go to country crooner Conway Twitty. -- Chelsea Ide

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