MP3 of the Day: Ronnie Fauss' "Clay Pigeons"

Local alt-country maestro Ronnie Fauss hasn't been a stranger to area coffeehouses since the release of his excellent 2009 Brent Best-produced LP, New Songs For the Old Frontier. Since then, he's released two more EPs, with each one not only improving in overall quality, but also in general range. The folk still remains, but the driving American rock certainly made itself more prominent, especially with 2010's Mulligan.

Fauss has a full-length release scheduled for 2012, but until then, fans should be easily sustained thanks to his new EP, Any Lovin' Way But Wrong. As is the case with some of his other releases, Fauss gets all kinds of instrumental help from folks such as Aaron Wynne on pedal steel and Shannon Barrett on electric guitar.

While Fauss is a fine writer, he's chosen to pay tribute to a handful of writers that have influenced him the most. Cuts from icons such as Kris Kristofferson, John Prine and current torch-bearer Todd Snider are featured in the new, four-song collection. When asked why Blaze Foley's "Clay Pigeons" was a good choice, Fauss says, "I just picture Central Texas in the early '80s with this song. Foley's not very widely known, but he's a very influential writer and artist. John Prine even recorded this song a few years ago."

"Clay Pigeons"

"Clay Pigeons"

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Kelly Dearmore