Poster Of The Week: DOMA Showcase Saturday On Lower Greenville

Created by Dallas Observer art director Alex Flores, this might be the most beautiful poster I've ever seen. Created by old-fashioned cutting and pasting (not the kind you do with a mouse, but with actual paper), his masterpiece perfectly encapsulates the DIY house-party aesthetic that we're proudly exploiting. This flyer (also available in yellow, red, blue and purple) lists the 40 Dallas Observer Music Awards nominees who will perform at the Billiard Bar, The Cavern, The Service Bar, Sofrano's, Zephyrs and Bandera beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday. Check out the full schedule here.

Congratulations, Alex!

OK, fine, you want the real poster of the week? Nothing against Alex's fine work, but after the jump is a poster in which the Dallas Observer doesn't have a financial interest.

This week's poster advertises the Amsterdam Bar's Saturday night lineup, featuring Happy Bullets, Amo Joy (from Indianapolis--Circle City represent!) and Hardin Sweaty and the Ready To Go--a nice lineup of fun, quirky indie-pop at a great beer-drinker's bar. If only it were on a different night, or closer to Lower Greenville.

This is the second time Matt and Connor of Magnificent Beard have been featured on Poster of the Week; their previous featured flyer also promoted Hardin Sweaty, as you'll recall. This poster lacks the juvenile humor of that infamous "pink taco" poster--but I love the stark coloring and the whimsical ghosts-as-smoke anyway.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.