Poster Of The Week: Speak Easy At The Lounge On Elm Street Tonight

Vigilante Music Group has assembled an intriguing lineup for tonight's Speakeasy at The Lounge On Elm Street. Dallas' Original Soul is a rapper for grownups, with thoughtful, positive rhymes over beats that seem equally influenced by chilled-out soul, smooth jazz and organic hip-hop; anyone who digs Dem Southernfolkz oughtta check him out. DJs Viz and Rob Viktum, self-proclaimed "White Girl With Soul" (and an acoustic guitar) Cassie Holt, and Zubar Tuesday regulars CoLab, a live hip-hop band, round out the music side. But what makes an already solid lineup especially interesting is the promise of spoken word from Black Page, Rage Almighty, IZK and more -- thus the event name, "Speak Easy."

The flyer, by Jonny Mack, is an homage to that Texas Instruments toy that taught many a child of the '80s how to spell. Mack got the layout and the font of the Speak & Spell down so perfectly that it gave me a serious bout of nostalgia. In fact, I had to spend a few minutes playing on this simulator to get over it. From the green digital letters to the "Till Eleven" in the same font as the TI logo, it's painstakingly accurate.

Thanks to all who sent posters my way this week. Keep the recommendations coming.

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