Poster Of The Week: St. Vincent At The Granada Theater

Gorilla Vs. Bear contributor David Bartholow created this poster using an image from Land of Nicholas Copernicus by Michal Rusinek and featuring photos by Magdalena Rusinek-Kwilecka.

"I typically gather a few images that I believe are appropriate for the particular show, apply the type treatments, and subsequently present them to site founder and editor-in-chief, Chris Cantalini, who then selects a final from that batch," he explains in an e-mail. "Rather simply, we liked the image and thought it was fitting."

It's a very beautiful photograph indeed, and the type is blended into it tastefully in a way that doesn't distract from the eerie emptiness of the street. You have to look pretty closely to discern that it isn't actually a photo of a building called The Granada Theater with the date written on it.

The poster advertises tonight's Granada Theater show featuring Philadelphia's Pattern Is Movement and a singer-songwriter about whom we haven't written nearly enough lately.

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