Poster of the Week: The Fox & The Bird At Switch Tonight

This week's featured poster advertises a show with The Fox And The Bird tonight at the "hoffice" (house/office) of Switch Creative Group; if you've looked at a Pluckers menu recently, or seen that "Body By Pluckers" billboard with all the schlubs in tighty-whiteys, you've seen Switch's work.

This poster, too, is a Switch design, by graphic designer Jamie Wilson. It's a funny, punny take on the band's name, if not exactly true to the Aesop fable from which the group takes its moniker. I like how the simplistic gore inside the bird's lower half is the only red on the otherwise cool blue and green design. Somehow the simple design and soothing colors make what is actually going on in the picture not seem so horrible. Writes Wilson, "I hope this kind of technology becomes a reality someday."

It's so charming, in fact, that I'm willing to overlook a couple of omissions--the start time (7 p.m.) and the address of the venue (2705 Guillot St.). The show is the first, I believe, in the Switch Concert Series, which will benefit Voice of Hope. As for the band, it's a new co-ed Richardson mandolin-spiked folk outfit that played last week's Bee's Fifth show in Denton.

Thanks to Wilson for sending it to me. Keep the recommendations coming, by e-mail or snail mail to: 2501 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75219.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.