Hey, they aren't called Lovie for nothing. (Ange Fitzgerald)

Rock 'n' Rumble: Lovie vs. The Valentines

Talk about a smackdown, in

DC-9’sfirst Rock 'n' Rumble

, Handclaps and Harmonies bitch-slapped Handshakes and High Fives all the way back to Granbury (where High Fives hail from). Nineteen out of 21 comments sided with the Rhino Records-ready band, and thus we offer our congratulations to Handclaps and Harmonies.

For Rock 'n' Rumble round 2, we pit two bands whose names are similarly evocative of chocolates, flowers and the color red. We're eager to see who rips the other's heart out. We welcome rocker chick band Lovie to the game against alt-rockers The Valentines.

The Breakdown

Lovie has had a quiet existence locally with a sparse performance itinerary, but the group just released its debut Harshmellow, and now we expect to see Lovie all over place. Instead of playing the riot grrl power-band card, the four 30-somethings let the music speak for itself leaving everyone else to attach labels to it. Calling Dallas their home, the members of Lovie “have cast aside stereotypes, egos and all of their inhibitions to bring fun, poppy tunes, solid song writing and catchy hooks to their audiences.” Or so their Web site says. (Full disclosure: Lovie drummer Grace and I were classmates over at Richland College. She totally sat next to me always trying to put the moves on.)

Hear the Band: Get an earful of Lovie via this EPK. Next Gig: See the band at the Urban Street Bazaar December 1 at Market Hall.

The rocker men of The Valentines. (Josh Felt)
The Valentines

have become local heavyweights in the past couple of years, and we take credit for some of that naming them Best New Act of 2006 and Best Indie 2007. Why do we like them so much? Probably because they take us to Piccadilly Circus with “rocking roller-coaster Britpop melodies, drifting up and down over guitars that sound like the Beatles through the Smiths through the Stone Roses through the streets of Deep Ellum.” The band members say they sound like a mash-up between Rolling Stones and Tom Petty. If that’s turning your audible senses inside out, hit their page quick and download all four songs available.

Hear the band: Download one of our favorites


If you dig it, head over to the band's MySpace page for three other tunes. Next gig: See The Valentines at the Prophet Bar with The Wildbirds also on December 1.

Get your voting comments on and have at it. -- Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.