Strictly Speaking, Nick Jonas is Not One of The Bizarro Kids

Last Monday morning, SuperMusicman42 uploaded a video of a performance by The Bizarro Kids to YouTube titled: "Nick Jonas SIDE PROJECT BIZARRO KIDS SPECIAL GUEST NICK JONAS!" According to SuperMusicman42 the video, which was tagged with "Jonas Brothers" and "Nick Jonas," was of a show that had taken place the previous night at Dallas' House of Blues.

So many questions, right? But the short answer is this: No, Nick Jonas isn't in Denton-based The Bizarro Kids, nor did any of them play at House of Blues that night.

But in principle—technically speaking, of course—any of the Jonas Brothers could be The Bizarro Kids. Sure, as it turns out, the video was merely a re-uploaded one that was filmed during the band's April 23 performance at The Cavern. But, by the end of the week, the "new" video had been watched more than 300 times. After four months on YouTube, the original, Jonas-tag-free video only had 51 views.

The Bizarro Kids were formed in January 2007, and up until this point, the revolving membership of the band has been kept anonymous. But for the sake of quelling rumors and stopping Jonas side-project questions, founding member Jon (last name withheld by request) spoke with me by phone.

"Honestly, I don't know who would have put up that video," Jon says. "We all agreed, from the beginning of the band, that we would be anonymous."

Why the anonymous band member thing? Well, for several reasons, according to Jon. First, let's just say that the band doesn't exactly frown on smoking marijuana (some of the band's mascots/alter egos are depicted with bloodshot eyes, passing around giant joints.) And the act of smoking itself played a huge factor in the band's formation. Jon moved to Denton in 2006, but quickly started making connections with local musicians.

"We would get together, smoke some doobs and write some music," Jon says.

Early on, some of the musicians were in other area bands that might frown on such high musical endeavors—the rotating cast has featured musicians from metal to country bands, as well as members of hip-hop outfits and even a drum and bass DJ.

"I don't want people to judge us before they hear us based on what bands people may be in," Jon says. "I just reach out to the musicians, but I never know who will be able to play a gig. But I want people to think that Nick Jonas might actually join us onstage, and that you're gonna get a show—more than just four guys or five guys with amps."

As for who might have posted the video? Jon says, "Part of the revolving door thing is that sometimes you get people that don't want to go out the door."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.