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The 10 Best Hipster Bars and Lounges in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

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6. Oak St. Draft House

Imagine any hipster aesthetic: Bohemian, wabi sabi, quaint, etcetera, and that's the Oak St. Drafthouse in Denton. It's a bar that sits squarely inside a house on the corner. When you walk up to OSDH (you've seen the shirts in Denton), you step up to the stoop where the door guy is checking IDs.

OSDH feels more like a house party than it does a bar, what with the house itself and the enormous patio area where most people end up (to play Cards Against Humanity, smoke cigarettes and hang with their dogs). That said, OSDH is popular for another reason: their insane beer selection. They have just about everything you could ask for. If you're a microbrewery snob, OSDH is for you. James Khubiar

308 E. Oak St., Denton,

5. Off the Record

Could there be a bar more hipster than one that's a combination bar and record store? Well, maybe if that bar also sold fedoras, or were a haberdashery. You get the point, though. Off the Record is trying to get "hipster" on lockdown, and they're checking off all the right boxes: The best liquor selection in Deep Ellum, a lecture series about music and events like crate-digging speed dating. (Sorry, we had to adjust our Warby Parkers to make sure we read that correctly.)

But you won't find us complaining. Sure, it's a little pretentious, but it's where you're most likely to find us when we need a break from bouncing betweens concerts along Elm St. Jeff Gage

2716 Elm St., Dallas,

4. Paschall Bar

It might be the most self-consciously decorated bar in North Texas, and it's host to the most self-consciously attired clientele in North Texas too, but with cocktails this excellent, I couldn't care less. Hell, I've even fallen for all its kitschy accoutrements (a few too many Chartreuse-laden libations will do that), and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't spent more than my fair share of dizzy hours at that ol' wooden chessboard.

OK, fuck it, I'll tip my hand. Denton's Paschall Bar is my favorite watering hole in DFW hands down, no question. And if you have any reservations yourself, find Thomas at the bar (he's the one hiding behind that red handlebar mustache) and he'll be more than happy to sort you out. Jonathan Patrick

122 N. Locust St., Denton,

3. Ships

Don't be an asshole, and fucking keep your goddamn swearing down when you walk into Dallas' favorite dive. Get a cheap draft or pay for some set-ups because you brought your own bottle, and load up some Freddie Fender on the jukebox. Then sit back and watch as the denizens of East Dallas wander in one by one, looking for the solace in another's plight and the shared residency in the one neighborhood guaranteed to lose power in even the nicest weather.

Oh, and tip your bartenders well; those ladies are true treasures of this city. Jaime-Paul Falcon

1613 Greenville Ave., Dallas

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