The 10 Most Ridiculous Things at Bonnaroo 2013

This year's Bonnaroo music and arts festival is officially underway. From June 13-16, nearly 80,000 Bonnaroovians, as they call themselves, will gather at a 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee. For three days, the Bonnaroo farm will become the seventh largest city in Tennessee. The lineup features the expected caliber of big names, including Paul McCartney, Wilco, Wu-Tang Clan, Portugal. The Man and Nas. But a city of 80,000 needs many amenities, and the festival organizers have found some insane ones:

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Hoola Hoops

1. The Roo Planet Academy You know what everyone is looking for right when school ends. THAT'S RIGHT, MORE SCHOOL! The Academy has scheduled a full four days of free classes and workshops for anyone at Bonnaroo to attend. The schedule includes Wilderness 101, Check Yourself for Skin Cancer, Breakthrough w/ Breakdancing, Hula Hoop lessons and Crush Your Own Carbon. The classes begin at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday and the last one starts at 5 p.m. on Sunday. Bonnaroo celebrates every form of the arts.

Silent Disco

2. The Silent Disco Ah, the bafflingly prevalent silent disco. Those who attend the silent dance party will throw on a pair of headphones, turn up the volume and listen through their personal earbuds to live DJs spinning beats. Everyone at the dance party will have earbuds in and be listening to the DJ's mixes playing directly to their headphones, on a dance floor that will be silent and very weird to everyone else.


3. Yoga-Roo For the second year, Bonnaroo has created a series of yoga, meditation and breathing sessions. Classes are scheduled all day from Friday through Sunday. The yoga series was extremely popular last year, so they have enhanced the classes this year. Because nothing goes better with dance music in the distance and hangovers than ancient searches for inner peace.

Carpool Lane

4. Zimride Planning too many extracurricular activities to drive? No worries: On the zimride.com page for Bonarroo, the adventurous looking to carpool to Bonnaroo can link up with people who have have open seats in their car. People advertise the number of open seats in their car, a price and the city they are heading out of. Those looking for a ride can contact them via the website. People will get themselves to the Roo in any way they can, making friends on the way. Because how else will the festival extend its footprint to each coast?

seedball workshop

5. Bonnaroo Victory Garden In case you were wondering why your peas aren't coming back, the historically inaccurately named Bonnaroo Victory Garden is located in Planet Roo outside the post office (yes, there is a post office at Bonnaroo). At the victory garden, you can learn how to grow your own garden. There will be volunteers at the garden throughout the festival to answer any gardening questions people may have. There will even be classes held about how to garden in small places, how to compost and even how to plant your own Shiitake mushrooms. The Victory Garden is equipped with a full schedule of its happenings.

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