The Problem With... Nelly's "Just a Dream"

What's that Lassie? Nelly released a new single? You mean Nelly Furtado? No? The



Well, crap.

It's been 10 years since Nelly-the-rapper's solo debut, Country Grammar. Everyone remembers "Ride Wit Me" and "E.I." for their non-sequitur interjections and whatnot. Nelly's next few hits over the course of the decade were about the temperature and someone stepping on his J's.

His newest track, "Just a Dream," ditches those hooks and often-annoying declarations for an R&B breakup song.


The track is a four-chord deal that starts with mushy guitars--not a great idea if you want to distinguish yourself from everyone else. Hey, must be (for) the money!

Personally, I don't ever really remember Nelly's past rhymes being very good. But they did have a certain charm, right? Unfortunately, there isn't too much "country grammar" on this track.

Rather, we just get a sense communication problems between Nelly and his ex: "She was so easy to love / But wait, I guess that love wasn't enough." That sure happens a lot in pop music, doesn't it?

But I don't remember Nelly ever being this sappy. If writing songs about feelings is a sign of Nelly growing up and stuff, I hope he's finally gonna pull his pants up.

Anyway, this track is the first single for the forthcoming album, Nelly 5.0. But, wait, if  2004's Sweat and Suit were two different albums, as we were then told, then doesn't this makes 5.0 Nelly's sixth release?

Nelly learning how to count? Maybe that's the dream here.

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