The Rap-Up: Boyz? Wide Up. Fat Daddy's? Shut Down

There's nothing like your venue losing its lease to piss all over your parade.

According to Dru Don, the manager for teenage rap group, Wide Up Boyz, the act's gig originally scheduled for tomorrow night is now officially hosed, since Fat Daddy's has officially gone out of business.

That sucks--for Wide Up Boyz and us, as these five young bucks are known for their impressive stage show.

Unlike so many other rappers, these guys don't just pace the stage during their performance. They make their entrance drumline style, complete with stick tosses and tricks. And considering that the State Fair Classic is in the air, seeing these guys warm up the crowd on percussion would have surely made folks wild.

The guys say they spend 8 to 10 hours per week rehearsing their routines and synchronized dance steps. It sounds very New Edition, but by the same token, everyone and their Granny knew how to crank dat Soulja Boy, so the guys seem to know their audience...

Mega Man, D Star, Yung BEAST, ICEMAN, and Mr. Duney make up the four-man group, which claims that it, just one year into its existence, is averaging 490 listens per day and earned a fan base that follows them from show to show.

Check out their song that's currently in rotation on their site...

Bonus mp3:

Wide Up Boyz -- "Beat Em Like Uh Drum"

The group's All Star Game,. Vol. 1 mixtape is currently slated for a November release. --Quia Querisma

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