The Strange Boys And Girls Club Gets Pitchfork's Digits

Pitchfork's Stuart Berman reviewed Austin-by-way-of-Dallas garage rockers The Strange BoysThe Strange Boys And Girls Club today, eventually giving the album a not-too-shabby 7.1 after establishing the premise that garage-rock is and always has been the realm of social misfits.

The review suggests that the Boys "never actually blow their tops," and cites "Probation Blues" and "Who Needs More" as lackluster. But overall, Berman seems pretty impressed.

The Nuggets-vintage rudiments are all in place on Girls Club: maximized R&B rhythms and bright Rickenbacker strums; trebly, AM-radio-quality production (making them a natural In the Red addition); and, in frontman Ryan Sambol, a suitably nasal mouthpiece who suggests a young Bob Dylan had he spent more of his formative years in juvie halls than coffeehouses.

Dunno if the owner of a certain Steak and Chop House would appreciate such an insinuation about his son, but otherwise pretty spot-on.

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