Tim Halperin Hits The Chicken Ranch, Then Heads Home To Omaha

Tim Halperin Hits The Chicken Ranch, Then Heads Home To Omaha

Fort Worth singer/songwriter Tim Halperin plays his final area show this Friday at the Chicken Ranch, a club located in the Stockyards. The TCU student will then be off to his hometown of Omaha for a few months to reconnect with his roots.

“The guys I used to play with are all in Omaha,” says Halperin. “I hope to get a band together here in Texas for the fall.”

Halperin released his debut EP, You Are the Moon, in January and response has been so overwhelmingly positive that, well, none are left.

“I actually just sold out,” says the shocked singer. “I will be getting more duplicated in Omaha in a couple of weeks.”

Listening to songs such as “Just Can’t Get You,” “Nice to be Free” and “What I Want” (the last of which is available for download on his Myspace page), it’s easy to see how Halperin has so quickly gained a solid following.

Of course, a high profile gig opening for Nashville crooner Matt Wertz and a featured spot on XM Radio’s Unsigned show hasn’t hurt his exposure.

Obviously influenced primarily by Ben Folds and (don’t cringe too much) Billy Joel, Halperin is the proverbially nice guy who doesn’t finish last, a college kid from Nebraska who uses his innocence to best advantage on songs that speak to a specific demographic: nerds. --Darryl Smyers

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