Tonight, Tonight: Levon Helm at Verizon Theatre, Dr. Dog at South Side Music Hall, Every Time I Die at The Loft, Bear Hands at The Nightmare, The Room Sounds at Doublewide, Salim Nourallah at Bar Belmont and Nadia Washington at The Kessler

It's another hopping musical Thursday evening around town with a show for just about everyone.

Levon Helm and Ray LaMontagne at Verizon Theatre
As I mentioned in this week's paper, Levon Helm is a legend, thanks to his work in The Band and his work behind Dylan and others in the '60s. Add in Ray LaMontagne, and this show is a tough one to beat.

Dr. Dog and Here We Go Magic at South Side Music Hall
Philadelphia's Dr. Dog comes across like classic rock act masquerading as an indie outfit. Main dogs Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken certainly mine some familiar lo-fi influences (Guided by Voices, Pavement), but the duo is just as likely to recall psychedelic rock from the late '70s. Perhaps this artful blend is part of Dr. Dog's appeal in the first place. In any case, the band's latest effort, Shame, Shame, is the first to feature an outside producer and the fresh perspective can be heard in songs like "Station" and "Shadow People." Brooklyn's Here We Go Magic, meanwhile, is an indie band through and through. The quirky quartet, lead by the talented Luke Temple, is capable of everything from Afro-beat to freaky folk.

Every Time I Die, Trap Them, Howl and The News Can Wait at The Loft
Displaying a surprising Southern rock influence, Buffalo's Every Time I Die is able to move beyond the standard metalcore formalities. The band's fifth effort, 2009's New Jerk Aesthetic, received some of the best reviews of the band's career. Added girth to a show that hardly needs it is New Hampshire's Trap Them and Rhode Island's Howl. A late addition to the bill is Dallas' own The News Can Wait, a spunky foursome who should get the evening off on a solid, metal note.

Bear Hands, Sunn Talk and Kiwi Sisters at The Nightmare
Pete mentioned this show of newcomers touring and local on the blog earlier today. Check out his take.

The Room Sounds, Here Holy Spain, Bravo, Max!, and Corey Howe & The Dead Flowers at Doublewide
A very nice quadruple-bill of rather disparate local acts plies their perspective crafts at the far eastern side of Deep Ellum on this night, which is serving as the celebration for Double Wide booking agent Chelsea Callahan's birthday. Headlining is The Room Sounds, a shaggy group of guys who relocated to our fair area from New England. Ryan Michael and crew bring an interesting '70s rock vibe to the band's take on alt-country. Same goes for both Bravo, Max! and Corey Howe. Just how post-punkers Here Holy Spain fit in on this bill is decidedly unclear. Perhaps just to break up the twangy vibe?

Salim Nourallah at Bar Belmont
Area singer-songwriter extraordinaire Salim Nourallah will perform a stripped-down, acoustic set of his songs for free at 8:30 tonight on the newly covered patio at Bar Belmont in Oak Cliff. Oh, and he'll be giving away free copies of his 2005 release, Beautiful Noise, to those who show. By the way, did you know Salim has his own Wikipedia entry? Because he does.

Nadia Washington at The Kessler Theater
Speaking of talented local performers, Nadia Washington is a Dallas native who is currently attending Berklee College of Music. Winner of prestigious Bill Cosby Presidential Scholarship, Washington is one of those jazz vocalists that make you weep and gawk in wonder at the same time. Seriously, the gal has been compared to Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. Such praise isn't easy to come by. If you're are in the mood for some real jazz, consider going to Oak Cliff and checking out Ms. Washington.

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