Tum Tum Puffs, Puffs, Passes The 'Kush'

Dallas rapper Tum Tum, a.k.a. Tumzilla, doesn't come off as a particularly romantic dude, but judging by this recent track, "Kush," it seems the big guy is head-over-heels in love. That his love interest is O.G. Kush, a potent and deliciously fragrant (or so I've read) strain of medical-grade marijuana, doesn't make the song any less heartfelt.

If you substitute the titular weed with a girl, it could be any tumultuous boy-meets-girl story: he falls in love, gets her portrait tatted on his back, tries to quit her but ultimately comes crawling back. But even after the reconciliation, of course, she still manages to get him in trouble: "I love the way you taste, I love the way you smell / Remember you the reason I'm sitting up in jail."

The track also features Lil Ronnie, Big Hood Boss and Giovanni. Best of all, it's a helluva lot cheaper than $60 to $80 (!) an eighth; Tum Tum is offering it for free here

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