Wanna Co-Star With The O's In A Travel Show Pilot? Be At The Libertine At 4 P.M. Today

The O's are helping a friend shoot a pilot for a potential travel show in which bands show host Vydra around town, and will be filming and hanging out at The Libertine Bar (2101 Greenville Ave.) today at 4 p.m.

And, because bars typically aren't exactly at capacity at that hour, they're inviting anyone who'd like to help fill out the shot to join them at the Lower Greenville bar.

The idea is the brainchild of local music lover Vydra, who has long observed that musicians always seem to know of the coolest spots to hang out in any town.

"How would the Travel Channel take you to a crappy town and make it look cool?" she said. "I would ask a band. They could tell you where to get the best burger, or buy records, or clothes. I'm sure there's a band in South Dakota that could tell you where the cool spots are."

Vydra hopes to land the show on the Travel Channel, but thinks it could be a great fit for Bravo, A&E or a music channel--really, almost anywhere.

Each show will culminate with a performance by the host band--in this case, video shot from The O's July 3 show at The Granada.

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