Want more of the National’s Matt Berninger?

For this week’s paper version of DC-9, I interviewed the National’s frontman Matt Berninger. Now, it’s no surprise that an experienced lyricist like himself would offer up good answers, but Berninger wins for Best Answers Off the Top of One’s Head (like, ever) and, possibly, Most Eloquent Interview 2007. Unfortunately, the pages of the Observer limit just how much we can put into print for you, but this here Internet is sumthin’ else entirely. Now, it just wouldn’t be fair if only I got such a well-expressed, extended study in the National, so, in further preparation for the band’s show at the Granada tonight, I offer the full Q&A with the lauded baritone.

Oh, and if you’re not going to be in Austin for ACL (they play a 1 p.m. slot Sunday), you should definitely head to Friday’s show. Our lovely St. Vincent opens and well, we’re not going to knock on Wilco or anything, but they’ve played DFW way more than the Boxer boys (who played their one and only metroplex show at Hailey’s in 2005). -- Merritt Martin

Bonus: We’ll be hitting up the St. Vincent show with our cameras. So, if you can’t make the show, come by DC-9 tomorrow morning for the play-by-play and stellar pictures.

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