Weekend Roundup: Incubus, Woods and, uh, Nick Jonas Joins Bizarro Kids?

Incubus at Superpages.com Center Saturday, August 22
It's been nearly 15 years since Incubus released its first album, and even if you aren't crazy about the newer stuff (ahem...."Anna-Molly") this performance is a reminder as to how Incubus stole your heart in the first place.

Woods at The Loft on Saturday, August 22
This video is one long-ass jam, so if you have nine or so minutes and dig on flickering purple lights, tie-dye and cute indie boys making fun psychedelic music, click play. Not sure if you call it the extended intro or what, but after about 5:30, the lyrics start melting with plinking guitars and this weird surf-rock thing. I like it.

Bizarro Kids at House of Blues Somewhere? on Sunday, August 23
Why Nick Jonas was a special guest at The Bizarro Kid's performance is beyond me--if this isn't a total gaff altogether. But this Denton-based band has trippy rock down--from visuals and audio to making us doubt the existence of human kind. So, if true, what happened to the Nick Jonas we all had pigeonholed? Is there some sort of friendship the world never knew of? Does Miley know what he's up to?

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